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40% of Your Home’s Energy Escapes Through The Attic

Energy Costs Continue to Rise. It’s Time to Take Action.

If your home is 10-15 years old, there’s a good chance its’s not as well insulated as it should be. Not having enough insulation results in major energy loss and, whether you realize it or not, your home is constantly leaking energy especially out of the attic.
Since energy costs are only continuing to rise, its a smart idea to protect your home against these rising energy costs. A well insulated home can significantly reduce the cost of utility bills through out the year. We want to help you save money, not throw it away. That’s why we install insulation using the Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown in Insulation System. It’s one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to save on energy.

Attics are often one of the easiest places in a house to insulate, especially if you’d like to add insulation. Properly insulating and air sealing your attic will help reduce your energy bills.

Before insulating or deciding whether to add insulation to your attic, first see our information about adding insulation to an existing house or selecting insulation for new home construction if you haven’t already.

Attic Insulation Techniques

Loose-fill or batt insulation is typically installed in an attic. Although installation costs may vary, loose-fill insulation is usually less expensive to install than batt insulation. When installed properly, loose-fill insulation also usually provides better coverage.

Our Professional Insulation Experts Will:

  • Seal all attic-to-home air leaks. (Most insulation does not stop airflow)
  • Duct exhaust fans to the outside.
  • Seal around the duct where it exits the box.
  • Seal the perimeter of the box to the drywall on attic side.
  • Cover openings—such as dropped ceilings, soffits, and bulkheads—into attic area with
    plywood and seal to the attic side of the ceiling.
  • Seal around chimney and framing with a high-temperature caulk or furnace cement.
  • At the tops of interior walls, use long-life caulk to seal the smaller gaps and holes. We use
    expanding foam or strips of rigid foam board insulation for the larger gaps.
  • Install blocking (metal flashing) to maintain fire-safety clearance requirements
    (usually 3 inches) for heat-producing equipment found in an attic, such as
    flues, chimneys, exhaust fans, and light housings/fixtures unless the light
    fixtures are IC (insulation contact) rated. IC-rated lights are airtight and can
    be covered with insulation.
  • Make sure insulation doesn’t block soffit vents to allow for attic ventilation.
  • Check the attic ceiling for water stains or marks.
  • They indicate roof leaks or lack of ventilation. We’ll check with you, them make any necessary repairs before we begin the insulation process.

Also insulate and air seal your attic access if it’s located in a conditioned part of the house. We’ll properly insulate and air seal any knee walls—vertical walls with attic space directly behind them—in your home as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof?

It’s a good idea to inspect the roof several times during the year, especially in Winter and Spring, and then clear it off as needed. All of the leaves don’t fall at the same time, so one cleaning may not be enough.

How Can I Prevent Roof Damage?

Many types of roofs can be damaged by inexperienced people walking on them or working from them, and there is the danger of slipping or falling. If roof damage occurs, you are much more likely to develop a leak, so make sure it is an experienced person on your roof.

What Is The Main Cause of Roof Damage?

Roof leaks can be caused by many different things, however, 90% of all roof leaks are caused by improper installation or by defective metal flashing. Rarely does the actual roofing product fail. 

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